Exercises for Why the Hyena Never Runs Straight

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A. How much did you understand?


Who said these sentences?

  1. "Hello, uncle. What are you doing here?"
  2. "I have many enemies in the village who are looking for me."
  3. "I'll tie you up in your sticks of firewood and carry you home."
  4. "Give me some food. I'm very hungry."
  5. "Bring me my spoon! The food's burning in the pot."
  6. "I can't give you the spoon."
  7. "I want to beat the bundle of wood beside the door."
  8. "I'm beating your brother, the hyena."


B. True or false?


Are these sentences about the story true or false?

  1. The hyena's sister sent him into the forest to find sticks of wood for the fire.
  2. The fox invited the hyena to come home to his house.
  3. The fox tied the hyena up in his bundle of sticks.
  4. The fox told his mother about the hyena inside the bundle of sticks.
  5. The fox gave the hyena some food on a spoon, and the hyena swallowed the spoon.
  6. The fox's mother needed her spoon, because the food was burning in the pot.
  7. The fox beat the bundle of sticks, because there were scorpions in it.
  8. The hyena beat the fox, and broke his leg.
  9. The hyena ran back to the forest, crying all the way.
  10. Now the hyena runs straight, because he has a spoon in his stomach.


C. Imitating animals


Can you imitate the sound of a hyena?

Can you bark like a dog?

Can you roar like a lion?

Try imitating animal noises, and make your friends laugh.


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