Answers to the Exercises for Hirsi and Kabaalaf

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A. How much did you understand?


The right order of these sentences is 3, 2, 6, 4, 1, 5

Everyone knew Hirsi in his town. Everyone knew Kabaalaf in his town.

Hirsi took a sack and he filled it with ashes.

And Kabaalaf took a sack. He filled it with goat dung.

"A sack full of the best coffee," said Kabaalaf.

"Let's exchange our sacks."

"The thieves have cheated each other," everyone said.



B. Fill the gaps


  1. Hirsi and Kabaalaf lived in different towns.
  2. Everybody watched Hirsi, so he couldn't cheat anyone.
  3. Hirsi filled his sack with ashes.
  4. Kabaalaf filled his sack with goat dung.
  5. Hirsi and Kabaalaf met on the road.
  6. "I have a sack full of coffee," said Kabaalaf.
  7. "I have sack full of flour," said Hirsi.