Answers to the Exercises for The Lion's Bride Part 3

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A. How much did you understand?


The right order of these sentences is 2, 4, 3, 1

She looked up. A little bird was sitting on a branch beside her.

"Woman, what are you doing? Why are you shaking your butter churn?"

"Be quiet," she said. "Go away."

Then the bird went to Fatuma's father. He was sewing a pair of shoes.


The right order of these sentences is 1, 4, 3, 2

"Beautiful girl, how did you climb this tree?"

"If my spit reaches you, and if it changes to gold, I will marry you."

The years passed, and Fatuma's mother and father became very poor.

"Give these people food," she said to her servants. 


B. Who is speaking?


  1. "I will fly to your mother and father and give them your message."
    The little bird
  2. "I don't believe you. It's impossible."
    Fatuma's mother and father
  3. "You stupid bird, what do you mean?"
    Fatuma's mother and father
  4. "What is it, shepherd? What do you want?"
    The prince
  5. "First I must test you."
  6. "We are dying of hunger! Give us something to eat!"
    Fatuma's mother and father
  7. "Give them clothes and shoes."


C. Questions with "what"


Answer these questions

  1. What had the bird broken?
    His wing
  2. What did Fatuma promise to give the bird?
    A date
  3. What was Fatuma's mother doing when the little bird came to her?
    She was making butter/she was shaking the milk in her butter churn.
  4. What was Fatuma's father doing when the little bird came to him?
    He was sewing a pair of shoes.
  5. What did the little bird bring to Fatuma every day?
  6. Fatuma told her servants to give three things to her parents. What were they?
    Food, clothes and shoes