Answers to the Exercises for The Bear and the Woman

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A. How much did you understand?


  1. 1/d The woman went to the river because she needed more water for her porridge.
  2. 2/e The woman didn't want to give the bear her porridge because she was very hungry.
  3. 3/b The bear began to feel hungry because he could smell the porridge.
  4. 4/c The woman was angry with the bear because he was eating the last bit of her porridge.
  5. 5/a The bear was frightened of the woman because she was very angry.


  1. 1/c The donkey pulled and pulled at his rope because he was frightened of the bear.
  2. 2/f The bees flew out of the beehive because the beehive fell down, on to the ground.
  3. 3/a The chicken flapped her wings because the bees had stung her.
  4. 4/b The cereals blew away because the chicken flapped her wings.
  5. 5/e The chief's dog barked because the cereals were blowing away.
  6. 6/d The chief's wife came out of her house because the chief's dog was barking.


  1. 1/d The chief's wife went to the chief because she knew that he could find the answer.
  2. 2/b The chief said that the bear was greedy because he liked to eat other people's food.
  3. 3/e The chief said that the woman was selfish because she did not like to share her food.
  4. 4/a The chief told the bear to go away because he could not live with the woman.
  5. 5/c The woman is still frightened of the bear because the bear is still angry.


B. Where, what, who?


  1. What was the woman cooking in her pot?
  2. What did she need to fetch from the river?
  3. Where was the bear when the woman was cooking?
    Outside the woman's house
  4. Who was tied to a tree outside the woman's house?
    The woman's donkey
  5. What fell out of the tree?
    The beehive
  6. Who did the bees sting?
    The chicken
  7. When the chicken flapped her wings, what blew away?
    Some cereals
  8. Where was the chief's wife when the dog began to bark?
    Inside her house
  9. Who found the answer to the problem?
    The chief
  10. Where did the bear go to live?
    In the forest