Exercises for The Hyena Woman Part 1

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A. How much did you understand?


In this part of the story, a hyena woman comes to live with the boy and the girl.

Put these sentences in the right order.

  1. If the hyena wanted a spoon, she called out, "Spoon, come to me!"
  2. "Who is leaving this food for us to eat?"
  3. "This hyena is not good at all," she thought. "She's a witch.”
  4. The boy looked at the hyena. Her smile was full of magic.
  5. One day a hyena came to their house. 
  6. "Please listen to me, dear brother. We must run away!"


B. Who, what, where?


Answer these questions

  1. When the girl took the cattle to the river, where did her brother hide?
  2. When the hyena was cooking, she called for five things. What were they?
  3. What did the hyena promise to bring the boy if he married her?
  4. Where did the hyena hide while the boy talked to his sister?
  5. When the boy and the girl decided to run away, where did they go?


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